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We Offer a Range of Sales-Boosting Web Marketing Strategies
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Search Focused
Website Design

We conduct extensive keyword mapping of your industry, products and services to create a Search Framework website layout. Then we build an amazing looking website on a foundation that Search Engines love. On page design and highly optimized content does wonders for in the search marketing landscape.

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Organic & Local

Our Organic Search strategies are the real deal. We’re talking Branded Links, Niche Placement Links, Private Network Links and Press Releases. The Local Search strategy we deploy is a proprietary technique used by no one in the area and includes Geo Networks, Map Stacks and IFTTT Tier 2 Networks.

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Creative Content Design

We offer high quality and affordable graphic design and web content creation. Need blogs to fill your newsletter? Looking for door hangers and flyers? We can handle it! Content is crucial for ranking on Google and maintaining your positions over time.

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PPC and Search Engine

We’re Adwords certified and graduates of the PPC Mastery Academy. With extensive ad copy testing, super granular ad groups and extensive use of extensions and snippets we’ll push your Search Engine ad conversions to new levels. We can generate sales immediately!

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Social Media

Don’t be fooled, social media is as important as ever for your business to show relevancy to your fans and the wider community. That’s not all, Google considers social signals as brand mentions and a key component of local relevancy to get you into Local Search rankings.

Search Marketing Strategies
in London Ontario

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How It All Started

Agency Story

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Content Rules Everything

To put it bluntly, most of the stuff Journalists are writing nowadays amount to brand content pieces, buzz-worthy articles and click bait. Writing Journalism and creative works is a lot of fun and can be very informative, but often this work was being deployed for brands or re-purposed for advertising copy. After years of freelancing, our founder decided to go out on his own writing creative copy, designing great documents and helping companies deploy web marketing strategies.

Search Rules

Several more years of experience and client consultations helped this agency learn the digital media landscape, deploy online marketing campaigns and explore the Search backbone of marketing. Eventually, we gathered some core work principles into an internet marketing plan that we still use today. Having direction, goals and avoiding open-ended campaigns is crucial. Every stage of the marketing funnel fits into the categories we’ve outlined below:

Research, Reveal & React

to every step of a digital marketing campaign

Know the 4Cs

Consciousness, Consideration, Conversion and Conviction

Never Forget

Content must be made for Humans and Machines!

Always Strive

To produce the most relevant document for the searcher

Search Engine Marketing Team

By creating an internet marketing plan and monthly online marketing campaigns we can use web marketing strategies that include Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing to earn you better brand awareness, visibility and traffic in London, Ontario!

Why London Businesses Choose Us

ONmetrics SEO & Search Marketing Strategies London Ontario

400+ Web

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38+ Satisfied Customers

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1000+ Consultancy Hours

Tools For A Successful Search Marketing Plan

We’d like to introduce you to the tools we use professionally everyday:

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Hashtag, Brand Mentions and Social Chatter Monitoring

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State of the Art Search and Content Analytics

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World Class Hosting for Anti-Spam, Site Protection and Speed

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Exceptional Graphics Standards

Latest Search Marketing Strategies

Discover the latest digital marketing news & important tips from the world of SEO

Innovative Local Businesses

Love Working With Us!

By creating an internet marketing plan and monthly online marketing campaigns we can use web marketing strategies that include Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing to earn you better brand awareness, visibility and traffic in London, Ontario!

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Hear From Our Satisfied Local Customers

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Jon Angleman
Jon Angleman
00:55 30 Nov 19
Dave helped me get an SEO plan in place for my roofing company and then we went ahead and did a Google Ads ppc campaign that made me a great deal of sales this year - I'm talking 5 strong leads per week! A great person to know if you're trying to get into online sales after years of doing traditional sales. Patient and gives up a lot of marketing ideas for free!read more
Jason Martin
Jason Martin
02:54 15 Nov 19
ONmetrics is great for SEO updates and web work! We've done two monthly engagements and several hourly rate updates to our website with Dave. He is always available and are very diligent about search marketing and takes his job as an SEO agency what they do. Our most recent contract was for a ppc services setup on Google Ads. It's great to know that when I have a problem and want something updated he will put in the overtime if need be. I have major props to give, in particular to the long-form search content suggestions and keyword map he gave at the start of this year that we followed through with our writers. If you find a good seo agency it really does end up being a valuable business relationship. Thanks a tonne!read more
alicia cramp
alicia cramp
23:59 14 Nov 19
We were happy to work with Dave through a connection in a private SEO group. He has been offering seo services for 6 years now and it definitely shows. We got a lot of free advice on the side as more
Christian Warren
Christian Warren
02:37 08 Nov 19
We've certainly seen an increase in traffic since we approached ONmetrics to consult on our search engine marketing process. Dave doesn't follow the hype going around the SEO and Google Ads industry. It's just simple testing and content that makes for good search engine optimization!read more
jamsheed kk
jamsheed kk
19:16 07 Nov 19
It didn't go well when I started my own Google Ads PPC campaign. When I needed it most, ONmetrics did a free audit and took over the account for a great rate. My ppc ads were up and running quickly and he hosted the landing pages on his own server outside of my own website. My Google Ads are great today, and I have the results that I was expecting originally. Dave is great at search marketing He's respectful and will respond quickly to questions even if they aren't exactly about the campaign. Thanksread more
anthony merrit
anthony merrit
16:58 06 Nov 19
Love this SEO service, and I do strongly advised them for your business's increasing visibility and ranking . They provided feedback that was very useful and easy to implement and helped with link building to my site. Guy that helped me knew the facts about SEO and was really good at negotiating a fair price. I paid half of what they usually charge here in more
Ryan McRae
Ryan McRae
17:21 05 Nov 19
We are a new company and it was essential for our progress to get more online visibility using Google ads and search marketing. We consulted with ONmetrics and are very pleased. Dave told us that SEO work is a long-term strategy but we saw results quicker than anticipated. Thanks!read more
Ocasio Consulting
Ocasio Consulting
04:04 02 Nov 19
Fantastic job. ONmetrics helped consult on a client's search marketing strategy, including Google Ads strategy and SEO, and we have seen results very fast. In just a couple of months, the new company website ranks for a lot more keywords and we also saw plenty of ppc ads conversions. Highly recommended for those who want their web presence improved!read more
Gabriel Pope
Gabriel Pope
20:50 05 Sep 18
Affordable and honest SEO services. Will work with him again.
Edward Parry
Edward Parry
05:26 05 Sep 18
He knows alot about SEO and can explain the impacts of different web marketing strategies.
Connor Bundey
Connor Bundey
16:31 31 Aug 18
Helped claim all my social profiles to create a brand signals network. Great SEO tech!
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor
10:08 30 Aug 18
He is connected in the SEO world and can get access to lots of interesting link tactics.
Carl C. Edwards
Carl C. Edwards
05:43 23 Aug 18
Went the extra mile explaining his services and the different levels of SEO and search marketing theory.
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ONmetrics SEO & Search Marketing Strategies London Ontario
ONmetrics SEO & Search Marketing Strategies London Ontario
ONmetrics SEO & Search Marketing Strategies London Ontario
ONmetrics SEO & Search Marketing Strategies London Ontario

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