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Most digital ad agencies get tunnel vision and stick to strict packages that have little impact on your overall brand. Google works best for major brands because they get mentions across the Internet at all times of day! From social media chatter to local reviews Google listens for brand mentions as a ranking factor just as much as old school do-follow links to your homepage. Show Google that you are mentioned locally and across the Internet and prove you are a player. Check out our digital marketing agency services now!

Always be Active, Never Passive!

It doesn’t matter if you think your industry is boring or if you think your business has nothing exciting going on at the office. You have to create buzz and be proactive in your marketing efforts not only to generate sales interest but to show the community that you have a passion and deserve the success you’ve already achieved. Google also picks up on this! If your website is a hub of activity, your social channels are active and you’re positioning yourself as a content authority you will get rewarded one way or another. Our digital marketing agency is here to help.

Be Relevant Locally

Share the love! Write about your local area, co-brand and share events that are happening around you. Review other local businesses and support charities. Google thinks every local business is an average run of the mill pizza shop (no offence) unless you can prove them wrong! Let’s take Google My Business optimization seriously and start embedding your business deep into the community landscape. Choose a digital marketing agency that really wants to see you succeed!

Follow Social Trends and Topics

ONmetrics doesn’t invest in expensive technology just to look cool! The data we can scrape from our SEO and Social Media advanced learning programs show us what matters to your customers and your industry. What are the biggest websites in your niche publishing every month? How do they interact with their audience? What social media posts performed the best and who was creating them? These are all important questions our digital marketing agency can monitor and answer with technology.

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Dave De Vries
Dave De Vries

Owner / Operator

Dave De Vries is a born and raised Londoner who has always had a passion for art, creativity and writing. He graduated from UWO in 2012 and uKing’s at Dalhousie in 2013 and has been freelancing journalism and web content ever since. Dave founded ONmetrics digital marketing agency in 2015 and has been offering full-service digital business solutions ever since. He has experience providing every type of digital service ranging from web design, content and graphics to SEO and social media!

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