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Focus on Keywords!

Do you know what high traffic keywords relate to your brand, industry and products online? Have you organized them according to traffic potential and difficulty? Every company with a website or marketing strategy should have a strong and growing database of relevant keywords. They should also be updated regularly! We can help you get on top of your keywords and implement them now! Click here to get in touch: seo london ontario now!

seo london ontario

Take Care of Technical SEO!

Technical SEO is an often overlooked but essential service for improving your visibility online. It involves page speed, JSON-LD Schema, image rendering and compression as well as essential code file minifaction. Don’t spend crucial business time figuring out how to do your own technical seo maintenance. That’s what we’re here for.  Our london ontario seo services can help!

seo london ontario

Monitor On Page Info!

In today’s online environment you need to have the exact right information on the pages of your website to get indexed and ranked in Google. Have you looked at competitor pages? Do you know what your customers want to read and how long they can stay on page to convince them to buy? You have to make a major investment in on page SEO factors to succeed today and well into the future. Choose the right seo london ontario, someone who really wants to see you succeed!

seo london ontario

Find Off Page Links For Your Site!

ONmetrics doesn’t invest in SEO technology just to show off! The data we can scrape from our SEO and advanced web monitoring programs reveal to us the backlinks, link metrics and other off page factors that influence your rankings. What are your competitors doing? At what rate are they building links? How many local citations do they have compared to you? These are all important questions. Trust a london ontario seo to monitor create and boost your website backlinks!

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